Take Digital Workspaces to the Bank
Secure, mobilize, and optimize app and data delivery with Citrix and HPE 

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In financial services industry, every institution drives transformation constantly to maintain a competitive edge. Emerging technologies today have the potential to create disruptive digital business models to empower their workforce and customers.

As a financial services industry leader, you’re seeing this every day. And your customer’s expectations, along with your employees, are higher than ever. But, how do you ensure success as you embark on digital transformation?

To be successful, financial institutions must design digital experience with user requirements in mind and embedded within processes, workflows, and transactions. And they must meet security and compliance mandates. Citrix and HPE power the digital transformation of financial services institutions with a fully integrated and tested solution that provides employees and customers with secure, instant access to apps, data, and communications on any device, over any network and cloud. The Secure Virtual Workspace drives success in digital business by providing financial services with a better, faster and more cost-efficient way to deliver a high performing, flexible and extensible digital workspace, all from the security of their data center.  

Join our speakers, Ed Ellis from HPE, and Dennis Arnold from Citrix, to learn:
  • What drives the digital disruption in financial services, and how to modernize the digital banking experience
  • Why today’s solutions are inadequate; what solutions can empower finance worker mobility and productivity; and ensure security for apps and data
  • How to deliver a centrally controlled IT infrastructure that provides high security and availability without compromising on performance, with simpler and more streamlined management and deployment process


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