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Ultrasound Probe Infection Risk 

A hot topic for 2017
A roundtable of infection prevention experts was convened recently to discuss the challenges involved in the reprocessing of ultrasound transducers. This roundtable also addressed the results of a survey of APIC members. Key areas were identified for improvement in practice, including national guidance and education.

 Infection Control Today subsequently released a Call to Action about ultrasound probe infection risk. It highlighted that immediate action is needed to bridge gaps in awareness about ultrasound probe reprocessing requirements and to enhance education.

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In our last webinar audience members raised a number of important questions about the guidelines & standards they need to follow and the complexity in ultrasound usage across various departments. We’ll cover these queries and more. Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound is becoming a cornerstone in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This session will also address the benefits of POC ultrasound probe reprocessing.

Join this invaluable webinar where two of the experts involved in the roundtable investigation committee, Sue Barnes and Ruth Carrico, will help you to understand these important challenges and proposed solutions. 

  • Understand current ultrasound probe reprocessing guidelines and their clinical application
  • Gain awareness of new research, global trends and new technology in ultrasound probe reprocessing
  • Gain awareness of the expansion of ultrasound procedures to a wider range of departments and procedures
  • Understand probe reprocessing challenges and strategies that could improve patient safety
About our Speakers

Sue Barnes, RN, CIC, FAPIC
Infection Prevention Consultant
Board member California APIC Council, SF APIC Chapter
Facilitator National Corporate IP Director Network

Ruth Carrico, PhD FNP-C, FSHEA CIC
Associate Professor
Division of Infectious Diseases
University of Louisville School of Medicine

Jon Burdach, Ph.D., Head of Clinical Affairs Nanosonics

   Join us at this invaluable educational event.
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