Here's what to look for in SD-WAN

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Top six things you might not know about SD-WANs (but need to know before you buy)

Are your bandwidth demands growing faster than your telecom budget? Are you one of the 51% of enterprises looking at Hybrid WAN technology to reduce network costs? Is your communication increasingly digital as your business grows more distributed? Is the use of cloud and SaaS application changing your usual network traffic and putting more importance on last mile connectivity?

If so, you are probably considering SD-WAN, a new network technology that is changing how companies approach wide area networks and cloud access networks. In fact, Gartner expects 30% of all enterprises to deploy SD-WAN by 2019 as it can help your network cope with many of the stresses that are common today, from increased security concerns to the demands of mobile workers to the spike in bandwidth demand from video.

But as you look at SD-WAN, there might be more to the technology than is first apparent. It¹s no longer just about making Hybrid WANs enterprise class and lowering telecom spend. The SD-WAN technology has evolved and you might be surprised at how it can help your network.

Join Citrix as we present some interesting use cases of SD-WAN and explore how some of our customers have used Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN to solve their network challenges. After attending this webinar, you¹ll understand how SD-WAN can:

  • Simplify your network and help reduce appliance bloat
  • Improve your security profile and help with risk and compliance
  • Extend visibility to the cloud while improving the user experience with SaaS application



Donna Johnson
Director of Product Marketing
NetScaler SD-WAN

Shoaib Yusuf
Technical Marketing Engineer
NetScaler SD-WAN

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